Saturday, September 27, 2014


The Cisco switch lab is free and open to the entire world 24x7. No reservations or registration is required.  Just login anytime! Login to whatever you want.

Please follow these simple rules:

1. Do not change the line console settings.
2. Do not erase the IOS image or format the flash filesystem.
3. If you need to set a password, use "cisco"
4. Do "wr erase" and "reload" BEFORE you are done (type "no" when it asks to save the config).

To login, use a Telnet client like Unix/Linux telnet, Putty, Tera Term, or SecureCRT and telnet to TCP ports 49001, 49002, 49003, 49004, etc. Each port goes to a specific console line, and that goes to a specific switch or router.

telnet 49001
telnet 49002
telnet 49003
telnet 49004
telnet 49005
telnet 49006
telnet 49007
telnet 49008

If you're coming in from a tunnel or another site, you can telnet to <TCP port>.

The lab has a liberal access policy. You get 80-90 minutes per session on each console line, a 1 hour waiting period, and a 2 hour reset period, on each line. Each line is timed separately (which is a good thing). This means you can have many logins and sessions per day on any console line, and you can login to as many devices as you want that are available. Read the FAQ below and the Lab Details page for more information.

If Windows Telnet causes problems, try running "term len 0" in Cisco IOS, or just use another terminal program.

To check which devices are available, click .

You can login to all 8 devices to manage the entire lab. The devices include:

Console / Device Type
49001 = Catalyst 3750
49002 = Catalyst 3560
49003 = Catalyst 3550
49004 = Catalyst 3550
49005 = Catalyst 3550
49006 = Catalyst 3550
49007 = Catalyst 3560
49008 = Catalyst 3750

All switches are Layer 3 switches, and support IP routing, routed ports, SVI's and routing protocols like RIP, EIGRP, OSPF and BGP. All Cisco IOS commands are available.

Click on the Network Topology below to see the lab. Save the diagram to your computer (or choose view image) to view at maximum size, or click here.

You can also connect your switches and routers to this lab to make a larger lab. You can tunnel directly with me, or route from another lab site. To attach your devices, it is recommended that you have:

1. Any router or Linux/BSD/Unix host that supports GRE and BGP
2. Reliable internet connection
3. Network devices you can share

To see the Routing Tunnel Lab Topology, go to the Routing Tunnel Lab page.

Exact cabling is subject to change. Please email me if you need any cables or GBIC's moved or reseated (e.g., flaky SFP, loose cable, etc).

Always run "sh cdp ne" or "sh cdp ne det" to see all switches, and the current cabling.

The MAC address of the Linux Lab Host at is 00:14:d1:23:a2:ea.

More information can be found in the Lab Details page.


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  4. Thank you! I have my own Cisco lab but it doesn't support private vlans and some other functionalities. You're awesome!

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  6. thank you so so so so much Brendan, i come from Paris ,

  7. Hello, all equipments are password.... HELP-ME!!!

    1. Thanks..unfortunately pwd isn't taking..tried most of the combination.

  8. wonderfull job ............

  9. Just found this site. I am just starting off trying to learn networking. This looks great. Thank you for offering this free service to all!

  10. I mistakenly entered Yes when it asked to save the config after reload command on 49003. I am sorry for that.

    1. no problem, SW3 is still good! that question isn't as crazy as the one Cisco asks on the routers.

  11. Men i just find this web like 10 mins.... is just AWESOME men thanks for this i will share with my friends ur blog. Right now im in ccna 3 and this is a great opotunity to learn with real equip. thanks again.

    1. Okay, good luck with your CCNA studies!

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  13. Great Work Brendan.......I was looking to get some hands on switches....thanks a ton once again....

  14. 49005 do not have any IOS to boot up. I think someone delete it. Please help.
    Also I want to say, great work and thank you so much Brendan. For the engineers who don't have physical equipment, this site is like a Oasis. Thanks again for your contribution!!! Wish your best.

    1. Great for you to be here! Please let others know about this oasis! :)

  15. SW5 is reloaded with new IOS image

  16. I was looking to get some hands on switches....thanks a ton once again....

  17. why i can't assign ip addresses on the switches interfaces im trying to make a vpn site to site between 2 routers

    1. Remember to put "no switchport" on the interface and turn on IP routing if you need to.

  18. hi you are very helpful man, thanks a lot
    i want to ask if i can link switches with pcs to test reachability or not ?
    l know that i can use the switch as pc but i don't want to consume switches for just pinging
    do you have any alternate solution plz ?

    1. Unfortunately, there is no PC for people to use in the lab. Maybe in the future there will be virtual machines or something. Right now, you have to use layer 3 interfaces on the switches to simulate nodes on a LAN, for example.

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